Year 2022

"Jobs fill your pocket, Adventure fill your Soul. So, enjoy every moment"


- Anonymous



Bangalore Palace

SEP. 18 - 2022

A short visit to Bangalore Palace, Palace Road, while being on the return journey from a failed attempt to reach Nandi Hills.

Coming Soon

Thanjavur - T.N

JUN. 25 / JUL. 01 - 2022

A time travel back to our ancient Chola kingdom and a visit to the Chola Heritage temples of Thanjavur, Gangaikonda - Tamil Nadu.

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Sakleshpura Trek

APR. 15 / APR. 17 - 2022

A 3-day tour across Sakleshpura, to embark on Ettina Bhuja Trek and green vistas of Sakleshpura on a Bike Ride.

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M.P Tour Phase-1

AUG. 31 / SEP. 04 - 2022

Our first visit to Madhya Pradesh covering Gwalior, Jhansi, Orchha, Khajuraho & Jabalpur on a 5-day roadtrip.

Coming Soon

Dharamshala - H.P

JUN. 25 / JUL. 01 - 2022

A weeklong tour of Dharamshala and McLoedganj in Himachal Pradesh after our Successful Buran Ghati Trek.

Coming Soon

Madikeri Bike Ride

APR. 01 / 02 - 2022

A stop-over at Madikeri, while on the way from Udupi-Bengaluru, Exploring the town & cuisine of Madikeri.


Dudhsagar Trek

AUG. 20 / AUG. 21 - 2022

An exciting trek to the base of Dudhsagar Waterfalls and walk on the railway lines in the Western Ghats of Goa & Karnataka.

Coming Soon

Buran Ghati Trek

JUN. 18 / JUN. 24 - 2022

An adventure filled, high altitude Himalayan trek to Buran Ghati Pass (15000ft) in Himachal Pradesh.



MAR. 24 / 25 - 2022

A short trek to Z point of Kemmannugundi and exploring the green vistas around it on a Bike Tour.