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In the dark shade of Andharban ...

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

Andharban Forest as its name suggests is a "Dark" and "Dense" forest in Sahyadri ranges in the Indian state of Maharashtra. This is a popular trekking trail known in the Maharashtra trekking circles. This trail during the monsoon and post-monsoon provides various hidden waterfalls and water streams that run along the Tahmini Ghats and supports variety of flora and fauna. Unlike other vertical fort treks/climbs this is long walk into the dark and dense forest cover and for this reason is one of the many unique trails in Sahyadri range.

This is the photo Blog of HillTrotter's trek journey, deep into the woods of Andharban Forest in Sahyadri Range of Maharashtra.

Andharban forest is spread across a large area, quite next to the famous Tahmini ghat, which is one of the exit point for Central Maharashtra into Konkan region (Coastline). And for this reason the Tahmini Ghat is one of the strategic ghat section for Marathas, then Britishers and even to this day for the commuters and traffic between Central Maharashtra and Konkan especially Kolad region.

We at HillTrotters have been planning this trek from sometime and post-monsoon is what we had our final dates confirmed and traveled along with a known Trekking group to ease our planning and to avoid hassle of planning our travel from and to Mumbai city to Trek start point.

The plan was to reach the village close to Andharban trek trail start point (Next to MCKS Ashram Road) early in the morning. Have breakfast and start the trek as early in the morning as possible to get the blissful morning views of the forest coming to life.

Morning breakfast was at "Sulochana" homestay, next to Swaraj Homestay which is a well known at the Andharban Trek Trail start point. Closest point which on Google Maps would be near Andharban Agro Tourism.

Afternoon lunch was served at a small shack at Hirdi Village (Hotel Samrat) and this place is right in the middle of Andharban forest. It was very humbling experience to enjoy the hearty meal at this place as we could see the hardy life the villagers lead on a daily basis just to get to the nearest road head that would take them to nearest town for their daily jobs or needs.

The Andharban trail is vast one, which will take a day long trek from the start point ending at Mulshi dam, but you can always improvise and choose your final end point. We got down at the Lonavala side close to the road head leading towards Amby Valley.

There are many end points which you can choose when on Andharban trails depending on you plans, one such end point is Mulshi dam and you can also get to Devkund waterfalls from the Mulshi dam point which is sure favourite among all trekkers here.

The total trek distance was around 24 kms long and we had covered it in around 8-9 hours, the amount of time spent walking in such deep dark forest and at time open field getting mesmerizing views of Tahmini Ghat is a blissful experience to say the least.

Our local guide to Andharban Trail:

Sanjay (+91 96737 33269)

Best time to Trek:

Post monsoon around September end to December end would be a great time to trek to Andharban forest trail as the weather would be really pleasant.

How to Reach:

If you are coming from Mumbai, then you can travel via Lonavala and then turn towards aamby valley and then Bamburde village towards Pimpri Dam point. This is the trail head for Andharban trek.

If you are coming from Pune, then you can travel via Lavale -> Mulshi -> Vadgaon and then reach the Pimpri Dam point.

Photo Gallery:

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HillTrotters Team

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