Malshej Ghat - First Glimpse of Sahyadri's ...

November 18, 2018

As a kid, learning social science, I have always wanted to know more about the Sahyadri's and how they formed. This was my first up and close with the Sahyadri Range also known as Deccan Traps because of how they formed out of Volcanic lava when India split up from Madagascar to join with Eurasia.


Malshej ghat is in Maharashtra state of India, and it is a mountain pass road in the Sahyadri Region. It falls on the way to Ahmed Nagar on Highway #61.


We rode through the Malshej Ghat on our ThunderBird350 and we were also delighted to see the beauty of the Pimpalgaon Joga Dam (Khubhi Phata is the landmark) on the way to Shivneri fort (Birthplace of Chatrapati Shivaji).



HillTrotters visited this place in November 2018 and it was a 2 day Bike ride from Mumbai started Saturday morning till Sunday evening.


How to Reach (Route Taken by HillTrotters):


Bhandup -> Kalyan -> Murbad -> Tokawade -> Malshej Ghat -> Pimpalgaon Joga Dam -> Shivneri Fort



Distance from Mumbai:


Malshej Ghat - 117kms

Malshej to Joga Dam - 7kms

Joga Dam (Khubi Phata) to Shivneri Fort - 22kms


                                                                                          Malshej ghat to Shivneri, Junnar route


Total Ride Odometer reading:


Bhandup to Malshej to Joga Dam to Shivneri and back - 312kms

Ride Partner - ThunderBird350 +1 (Soulmate)


Best time to Visit:


August to December.

Post December the region will be very sunny and thus post monsoon till winters it will best time to ride through the Malshej Ghat and experience the serenity at Pimpalgaon Joga waters.


                                                                                    View of the Pimpalgaon Joga Dam waters



                                                                                                      Malshej Ghat View Point


                                                                            View of the entire region around Malshej Ghat



For more detailed information or itinerary on Sahyadri Bike rides or Trekking in western ghats or other awesome places in India, please contact or visit our Facebook page "HillTrotters", also subscribe to us on YouTube channel with "HillTrotters Travelogues".


Please contact for any suggestions or travel related queries.


With Thanks,

HillTrotters Team



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