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Year 2017

"We travel not to escape LIFE, But for LIFE not to escape us"


- Anonymous



Kumar Parvata Trek

JAN. 07 / 08 - 2017

Our Kumara Parvata Trek of 2 days from Hilltrotters with a group of 12 people from Bengaluru.


Kolli Hills Bike Ride

FEB. 18 - 2017

Our 1-day bike ride from Bengaluru to Kolli Hills (Tamilnadu), the famous 32 bend road journey to Kolli Hills top.


Kudremuka Trek HT

JUN. 17 / 18 - 2017

Our signature trek from Hilltrotters to Kudremuka Peak in Chikmagalur. The team of 12 reaching to the top.


Wayanad Bike Ride

SEP. 02 / 03 - 2017

Our 2-day Bike Trip from Bengaluru to Wayanad, Keral, exploring the hillstations of Idukki and Edakkal Caves.

Coming Soon

Narasimha Parvata Trek

DEC. 09 / 10 - 2017

Our adventurous trek to Narasimha Parvata, Agumbe rainforest, along with MMC Trek club and Hilltrotters.


Hampi Family Trip

JAN. 29 / 30 - 2017

Our heritage family trip to Hampi , Badami, Pattadakallu from Bengaluru

Coming Soon

Meghalaya Tour

FEB. 23 / 27 - 2017

Our first glimpse of Northeast world of India, in the form of Assam & Meghalaya visit for over 5 days.


Kodachadri Trek HT

JUL. 22 / 23 - 2017

Our adventurous monsoon trek to Kodachadri Top, along with MMC Trek club and Hilltrotters.


Honey Valley- Coorg

NOV. 04 / 05 - 2017

Our 2-day Bike Trip from Bengaluru to Honey Valley Resort in Coorg, Exploring the hidden waterfalls and hills of Coorg.

Coming Soon

BLR-Udupi Bike Ride

FEB. 04 / 06 - 2017

Bike ride with my travel buddy from Bangalore to Udupi (450kms) and exploring Udupi beaches and food.


Pondicherry Visit

JUN. 10 / 11 - 2017

Our 2-day holiday visit to Pondicherry, the Dutch colonial heritage in India and exploring the roots of their culture.

Coming Soon

Spiti Valley Tour

AUG. 04 / 15 - 2017

A tour to the remote valley of Himachal Pradesh "Spiti Valley" over 11 days, exploring the cold desert of India.


Mahabalipuram Ride

NOV. 25 / 26 - 2017

Our 2 day visit to Mahabalipuram (T.N) visiting the famous shore temple and a quick visit to Pondicherry on the way.

Coming Soon
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