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Year 2023

"I wish, I had never gone traveling...Said No one, EVER!! "


- Anonymous



Aleppey Family Trip

JAN. 27/28 - 2023

Our Family getaway to Aleppey and enjoying the shikara ride in the Kerala backwaters during our Kerala Staycation


Varkala, Kerala

JAN. 22 - 2023

Our day trip to Varkala exploring the beaches and cafes nearby, enjoying the sunshine during our Kerala Staycation.


Shangmugam Beach

JAN. 08 - 2023

An evening break from work and a visit to Shangumugam beach near Trivendrum during Kerala Staycation.


Kovalam Beach

JAN. 26 - 2023

An evening well spent on the beaches of Kovalam and Valiathur in Southern Kerala during our Kerala Staycation.


Jataayu, Kerala

JAN. 21 - 2023

Day Trip from Trivendrum to Jataayu Earth Center during our Kerala Staycation.


Kollam / Munroe

JAN. 07 / 08 - 2023

A relaxing and therapeutic 2 day tour to Kollam/Munroe and a serene traditional boat ride in the evening.

Coming Soon

Temple Visit/Sadhya

JAN. 25 - 2023

A customary visit to famous Anantha Padmanabha Swamy temple and enjoying the Sadhya meal in Trivendrum


Kochi / Aleppey

JAN. 14 / 15 - 2023

A 2 day Bike trip to Kochi and Aleppey from Trivendrum during our Kerala Staycation.

Coming Soon
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